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With the self-confidence of 30 years of experience, Doğuş SPA Cosmetics Group continues to exist with products that will make an impact in the world in the sectors it is involved in and to sign new projects.
With the brands PELLINN PARIS and WISE MAN PARIS, which it has launched with the aim of carrying the perfume industry we are in, it shows its presence in this market with a quality approach and innovations in the world of men and women perfumes.
Before embarking on this road, we carried out our preliminary R&D studies very intensively for 5 years. We bought consultancy from the world's leading French perfume manufacturers. We have prepared 50 different signature scents for you, which are striking, intensified and permanent, bearing the signature of perfume genius Givaudan Paris, the world's largest and highest quality essence producer.

Thanks to the information we gained, we established our real perfume production facility with high technology for the first time in Turkey. In this facility, we produce our own brands only under special conditions.
All our perfumes are filtered through 32 different filters in special Titanium machines, mixed and filtered for 72 hours at -10 degrees.
All of our perfumes, which have completed the production phase, are mixed automatically at 6-hour intervals in special titanium boilers before being put on the market, and left to rest for 4 months at 4 degrees.
After all these stages, the latest tests are carried out and if everything is suitable, they are filled in automatic systems and released to the market.
It promises its consumers the magical world of fragrances, both in its stores and on the www.kozmetikon.com e-commerce site, with options that will make shopping for perfume a pleasure.
Perfume is the final touch of care for men and women. It completes the elegance. Sometimes we want to use a single perfume and have a special scent for you, sometimes we say that the perfumes you will use at work, sports, dinner or in daily life are different from each other. But the important thing for both preferences is that your perfume adds strength to your impression in the environment and makes you special.
Our Pellin Paris and Wise Man Paris brands are taking strong steps towards becoming a global perfume brand with their innovative creations and 50 different product ranges.

To always offer quality and difference to our customers with our perfume brands PELLINN PARIS and WISE MAN PARIS, which create economic value while adding new ones to our existing stores every day.

To be the most preferred brand in Turkey and in the world, and to reorient the traditional perfume gift concept with the happiness of the user, by keeping the original product price and quality that can be purchased in perfume together.

To offer our consumers permanent, modern, different and high quality products at affordable prices with a high service understanding.
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